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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bake and Blog: Gorilla Bread

Gorilla Bread

While hunting for a monkey bread recipe a while back, I came across a Gorilla Bread recipe. I was intrigued and have wanted to try out the recipe. Here goes...

I sort of invented this recipe from three different recipes. One recipe is basically the monkey bread recipe I link to above, with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar added to the middle of each dough ball. The second recipe is Paula Deen's Gorilla Bread. The third recipe is here and just sort of talked me through Paula's recipe, but with frozen Rhodes Rolls instead of the refrigerated rolls from a can that she has in her recipe.

Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter
4 oz. cream cheese
pecans or walnuts (1/4- 1 1/2 cups depending on your preference)

To begin with I thawed 12 Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls in a greased, 9X13 casserole dish covered with Saran Wrap on top of my dryer.

After they had risen, I flattened them out and filled each circle of dough with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon sugar. I only used 4 oz. of cream cheese (and I used the kind with 1/3 the fat). Cut the cream cheese into 12 cubes and place a cube in the center of each dough circle. Bundle it back up. Paula used walnuts. I hate walnuts so I used pecans, which I neither love, nor hate so I only used 1/4 cup instead of 1 1/2 cups. And I chopped them. Sprinkle some in the bottom of your bundt pan. My bundt pan is silicone, so I didn't grease it. Place half your dough balls in the bundt pan. Sprinkle with some cinnamon sugar. Meanwhile you should have melted 1 cube of butter and 1 cup of brown sugar in a small saucepan. Pour half of this mixture on your first layer of rolls. Sprinkle with more pecans. Repeat with the second layer of dough balls, then cinnamon sugar, butter/brown sugar mixture, and pecans. Return to the top of your dryer, or other warm spot in your house and let rise again.

Preheat your oven to 350. Once the dough has risen, bake for 30 minutes. (I covered mine with foil for the first 25 minutes or so).

End result: Yum. The brown sugar mixture was a little bit to grainy in some parts (mainly what was stuck to the pan still that I scraped out and placed on my plate.) I like the cream cheese in the middle. It reminds me a little bit of this dessert Jed and I loved at the restaurant Rubio's in California called Zango or something. It was cheesecake, wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried with caramel and cinnamon sugar on top. Then they stopped making that dessert and our eating at Rubio's dropped off rapidly. As for the Gorilla Bread, I read some comments on the recipe from people that said they like it with the ready-made cheesecake filling in the center. That sounds delicious as well, but for another day...

*Sorry the pictures aren't in any chronological order. I'm too lazy to upload all those pictures, and Picasa's collages just randomly place and shuffle them. I did shuffle until I got the final product in the center, even though it almost cut PS's eyeballs out of another shot. :)


Erin said...

YUM! You are the baking queen.

Rachel Clare said...

I just lost all desire to be "good" today. These look absolutely divine. Hello Sunday Morning!

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