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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Away From My Computer...

Although, technically, my computer is away from me. Jed needed it to do a Power Point Presentation (should that all be capitalized?) for a class today and took our laptop to school with him to work on it. Which means I'm working on Princess Sparkley's school laptop, and emailing this in since technically, we're only supposed to be using it for school. And we are... she's finishing up her math work. In less than an hour and a half she's going to be in a virtual classroom with our education specialist from the virtual school and three other kids (they just started this up). Baby X (who needs a new nickname now that's he's quickly approaching not being a baby) is miraculously still fast asleep (it's 9:30 in Kansas). He had weird naps yesterday, went to bed just after 8, woke up around 10PM, I put his binky back in and he slept until 4AM when he had a bottle. Then he woke again at 5 and 5:30 and went right back to sleep and has been asleep since then. If only Buddy hadn't attacked me in bed at about 7:40 telling me 1.3 billion times that he wanted Xey (his name for Baby X) to be awake.

Updates on what's going on around here:

We're waiting for Jed to hear back from grad schools. We were thinking we wouldn't hear anything until March but people are starting to hear and I think he's getting in ulcer.

I have a roast we need to eat today that I'll cook in our crockpot (a new jumbo sized one I got for Christmas so I can fit the 10 dozen potatoes I like to crowd in with the roast). (Although I think I made most of our potatoes into mashed potatoes the other night. So also a trip to the grocery store. And if I'm going to the store, I have a bill to pay there as well).

Cookies to deliver to a girl from church.

Laundry to do. Mostly folding.

A bathtub to scrub.

A bedroom to clean.

New shoes to model on the blog.

Picture and recipes to post once I get TinaSparkle (our laptop) back.

PS's virtual school to finish for the day (one more page of a math workbook, Language Arts and a Phonics Assessment).

PS's regular school to take her to.

A shower.


Not in this order.

So... hopefully I'll be blogging again in a bit. But otherwise, cross your fingers that I'm at least doing something besides laying around being lazy or reading (because laying around reading IS NOT lazy).

And Baby X awakes...

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