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Thursday, January 29, 2009


PS's Webkinz Rooms
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Princess Sparkley got two Webkinz for Christmas. A pink poodle she named Lavender (because according to Fancy Nancy, Lavender is a fancy word for purple) and an orange, white and black alley cat she named Tiara (since Tiaras are also fancy). They are super fun. It's possible that I enjoy it more than she does, but probably not... she does love it. I earn them tons of money playing arcade games and then we buy new stuff for their Webkinz. Today we bought them a stove and a cookbook. Now we are busily watching "The Secret Chef" on her cat's tv so we can find recipes to make. And I make fun of people with avatars.


wendys said...

My nieces and nephews are really into webkinz too! We play a similar thing on www.pbskids.org/read, where you play educational games to win tickets to buy virtual prizes in your tree house. My son loves it and the games are all geared to help kids get ready to read.

Angela said...

My little kid students in Phoenix were obsessed with webkinz. One girl would get one every month that she practiced her piano all her minutes. She had like 10 or something. They seem vague to me, like pokemon. I never understood what they actually do.

bootzomega said...

will you plees Follow my blog!!!

Erin said...

PS's rooms are very cute and coordinated. My kids' rooms look like chaos in comparison. Maybe I should sit down and help them sometime.

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