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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tricking Your Kids

Buddy and Princess Sparkley have never been good at going to bed a night. Well, I take that back. Buddy was an angel until he graduated from his crib to a toddler bed and that was the end of his good sleeping habits. Princess Sparkley just requires less sleep than a normal kid, and inherits her inability to fall asleep at night from her dad who continually mocks me for being asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Hey, I'm a tired person.

So the other night they both wandered into our bedroom way past bedtime. First one, then the other, complaining that their feet hurt. Excuses. I told them to go put socks on. This wasn't enough. So I told them to get some lotion and then a sock. They happily sat in the hallway smearing lotion on their feet and putting socks on top.

What does this do, you might wonder? Nothing. I don't even remember when I came up with it. I think it was when PS was a toddler and I could get her to go back to sleep if I had a cure for her sore foot (which I assume is growing pains, or pins and needles because the foot has fallen asleep). I rub lotion on their foot and cover it with a sock. Cured. It's totally psychological, although maybe it does help some.

What crazy things do you make up for your kids?

*PS at about 2 1/2 slept with a hat on her head for awhile because I convinced her it would make the cricket noises quieter and not so scary. That kid really hated the sound of crickets at night.


Leslie said...

We use lotion a lot for things too. It's "magic". Also when Curtis thinks he's sick and asks me for medicine I give him a chewable vitamin C. They are yummy and it can't hurt to prevent a future illness right? He is almost past the "tricking" age which is a bummer. But I will milk it as long as I can.

Erin said...

the hat is so funny! I use peppermint oil for lydia's growing pains in her legs. it is tingly so I am sure it helps a little at least!

Michelle said...

Ok, the total mom truth. What mom has NOT tricked their kids. ha ha!! I loved this post!

Angela said...

Remember when I used fall asleep midsentence? I can't do that anymore, now I lay awake at night obsessing about things. Maybe I should try the lotion trick on myself. It couldn't hurt...

Malissa said...

I like to play a game. I have them lay down next to me, close their eyes and look for holes in their eyelids. When they find them I put a patch over the hole (rub my finger over it). They usually find a few then fall asleep. They did that is. Now they're too smart for it. I like the other ideas though. Have to get some of that tingly peppermint!

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