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Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Presents for a Baby Boy

Baby X turns 1 next week. I KNOW... ONE. Crazy. And since he needs absolutely nothing, but I feel like I need to get him at least something, I've been shopping around online (unfortunately it's only for ideas since nothing will get shipped here in time for the actual birthday celebration).

Here's what I've found that would be really cool (for any little boy).

found here, here and here at toysrus.com for $12.99 each
(I was thinking that $12.99 was a good deal, my husband thought it seemed expensive. Then I noticed that they are referred to as Mini Fire Engine, Mini Police Car and Mini Dumpster truck and I thought that is pricey if they are really just the size of a matchbox car, but the description doesn't give any dimensions.)

(So this is way down the road for Baby X, but still pretty cool. $44.95)


Cristin said...

That urinal looks scary!

Erin said...

I agree that the urinal is freaky! But the trucks look fun. They remind me of a wooden car Santa got for Ethan a couple of years ago called Automoblox. also found at Target. very fun.

wendys said...

I love the trucks. I have never seen a urinal for toddlers! Weird.

Malissa said...

hehehe. that urinal is hilarious! that does seem like a great deal for wooden toys. i love giving my kids wooden toys, they last from child to child- but since they're expensive they don't have a ton. i like oompa.com or moolka.com

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