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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 Pukers

So this weekend was fun and eventful. Friday night Buddy puked in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It's interesting to see how illness affects each of my kids. Buddy gets hit hard for about 24 hours and bounces right back.

Saturday night (or the wee hours of Sunday morning) Baby X puked. His puking has continued off and on. He's still eating very little but other than being a little grumpy, and a little more wobbley on his feet than normal, he's acting normal.

Tuesday afternoon, at school (meaning she's so embarrassed she may never go back), Princess Sparkley puked. She is usually sickly for awhile, sleeps a lot but after a few hours demands food. She started demanding food first thing this morning. I haven't given in yet. We learned our lesson with her a couple of years ago when she decided that once she was all the way better she wanted IHOP for dinner (her favorite restaurant at the time). So enough time had passed, and she had been eating a little and hadn't puked so we celebrated her wellness at IHOP. We walked in the door of our house and she procedded to puke up her entire meal. Not happening again.

So, that's what I've been up to. Loads and loads of laundry. Trips to the store for Gatorade and Pedialyte (or whatever the baby Gatorade is). Trips up and down the stairs each time a bell rings and someone is thirsty, etc. At least it didn't hit them all at once, but dragging it out over a week isn't much better.


wendys said...

There's nothing worse than puking kids! They have terrible aim so you can almost never catch it in a bowl or toilet. So you end up cleaning the whole time they are sick.

Leslie said...

I feel your pain!

Angela said...

I'm getting my tonsils out tomorrow and Adam is going to have to take care of me! hahahaha!

Erin said...

So so sorry Nancy. I think this has gone through all of Lawrence. I hope you can manage to stay well.

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