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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The X-Files

Yes. I was one of those people. I was introduced to The X-Files by my freshman English teacher at BYU. I think her name was Glenda. And for some reason, Glenda Day pops into my head. So maybe that was her name. Or, if there is someone famous named Glenda Day, then it just sounds familiar to me. Like how when we had a cat named Tallulah, my dad kept calling her Tallulah Belle, after some movie star from his youth. Anyways, back the The X-Files. So I watched a few episodes as part of that class, or something. I'm not sure how it all worked out. My memory, as I've said before, sucks eggs. Well, maybe I didn't word it quite like that.

I think I watched it pretty regularly my freshman year. Possibly into my sophomore year. I really don't remember. And then my junior year, I moved into a house that 10 girls lived in and was next to a house with 12 boys. Heaven, right? Well, sort of. A few of my roommates and I became friends with the guys that lived upstairs next door (Natalie from 100% Cottam's brother-in-law lived upstairs, I don't think he joined us for much X-Files watching though, and Marta's (from Marta Writes) husband, Dan, lived there as well. And he was definitely in on the X-Files watching.) Anyways. Funny, blog connections. So we'd watch X-Files over at the guys house each Sunday after The Simpsons. This was towards the end of the show's run, 1998/1999 ish. Everything was leading up to the “tell all episode” of the whole alien conspiracy that the X-Files is all about. We decided we needed to figure it all out before they told us. Back then this meant find a Blockbuster Video or some other video store and renting the VHS tapes of each episode. I think there were three episodes per tape. But it was sporadic which episodes they were, and we weren't sure which ones dealt with the alien conspiracy*. So it was an adventure figuring out which ones to watch and trying to cram it all in. When the “tell all episode” finally aired, we were pumped and felt prepared. I don't even remember all of what they “told” us now. But we had fun leading up to it and watching it.

When the first movie came out I was also living in Utah. I went with a different group of friends. I think it was for my 21st birthday. When Scully announced that she'd been transferred to the Salt Lake City office, the audience went wild. Don't you love a Utah movie crowd? I thought it was only a Utah moviegoer thing until I saw Twilight here in Kansas and the audience reacted so much to everything I felt like I was back in Provo. Anyways, last night I watched the second X-Files movie... by myself. Scary! The first movie dealt with the alien plot line, this one was more the paranormal creepy scary stuff. This movie wasn't fabulous, but as a fan of X-Files and especially of Mulder and Scully, this was very satisfying. There were cheesey parts that you know they put in just for fans like me, and worse... when Mulder is eating sunflower seeds, the 'I Want To Believe poster,' the pencils stuck in the ceiling...all at the very beginning to remind us that this is the same Mulder we know and love.** They didn't ignore the romantic storyline between Mulder and Scully, but they also didn't spell it out. Skinner made an appearance. The only thing I'm left confused and disappointed about is about William, Mulder and Scully's son. They admit that he's their son, which the series sort of left to the audience to assume (if I'm remembering correctly), but he's gone. Dead? I can't remember how it all ended in the show. Maybe he was abducted.*** Now I'm going to have to start getting X-File seasons on dvd from the library so I can figure it all out. ***

*I saw on wikipedia that there is a list of all the alien plot episodes.
**When I get back online, I'll try to link you all to the David Duchovny song by Bree Sharp. So funny!
***I looked it up on wikipedia after my computer was fixed.
****Oh, and whenever they call for a CSM in Walmart I crack up because while it may mean Customer Service Manager, or whatever in store terms. In X-Files terms it stood for the Cigarette Smoking Man.


LisAway said...

I read tidbits about how they were making this movie; I didn't realize it was out.

We have never been into the X-Files. I think I've maybe seen 2 full episodes. Maybe. But everyone we've ever known was into it, I believe, and we watched the first movie soon after we were married and we both really liked it. Now I want to see this one.

Angela said...

Oh the memories!!!! Remember the night we watched like seven episodes in a row and we thought we had the wrong tape so Dan and Thomas had to run to the movie store? As long as I live I will never forget Dan screaming "No body move! We will be right back!" and him and Thomas running as fast as they could through the front yard to the car. We were so addicted! I haven't seen the new movie, but I am dying to. I do believe that Scully's baby was abducted, but I thought they got him back. Who knows with that show...

Erin said...

I am so glad you blogged about this! I didn't realize the movie was out yet. It has been so long, I have forgotten all the details too. We had some friends who would get together to watch x-files but Nathan wouldn't watch it. Then I got him addicted when we were in Poland and it was one of the few English language shows on TV. How did you miss that Lisa!??

Nance said...

Funny that it was on in Poland. When I finished my term in London, we did a 9 day tour of Europe and when we checked into our hotel in Spain and turned on the TV The X-Files was on. :)

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