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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tick Tock

Can you sleep with the noise of a ticking clock? A few years ago for Christmas (or maybe his birthday, which is two days after Christmas) we bought Jed a Homer Simpson clock like the one pictured above. While this clock is hilariously fun, it ticks so loudly that even after I kicked it out of our bedroom and into the hallway, I could still hear it an it got bumped to Baby X's room (which at the time was the office/playroom). I've noticed over the past couple weeks that Baby X looks at the clock a lot too. I'm wondering if it's driving him nuts like it did me.

On another note, well, not really, we have a new clock in our bedroom. I made it at a church function. It's ticking is not as loud as the Homer clock, but every once in awhile I lay in bed and all I can hear is TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Last night as we were trying to fall asleep, Jed said, "Has that clock always been that loud?" And I realized maybe all ticking clocks need to find a new home elsewhere in our house. And then I wondered, how does my sister survive. She has a wall in her home covered with beautiful clocks. I'm sure they tick and tock, but most definitely not together so it would me more of a TICK TICK tock tick TOCK Tick TOCK TOCK TOck TiCk tOCk ToCK TicktoCKtockTOcKtickTICkTock. I think I would lose my mind.


Cristin said...

When we would stay at my in-laws' house, they had a clock like that. I would hide it under about 5 pillows.

Shannon said...

That's so annoying - especially when you start to focus on it and can't hear anything else but the ticking sound!

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