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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stuck In the Snow

After driving around in lots of snow on unplowed roads and getting stuck twice (which is one of my worst nightmares*) I picked Jed up from the bus stop and said, "We need to get a car that can never get stuck in the snow. What kind of car is that... a snow plow?" Which got a loud, excited response from Buddy in the backseat who said, "YEAH, a snow plow." This might have been the most exciting idea he's ever heard since he'd spent all morning with our snow shovel pretending to be a snow plow** complete with his own snow plow noises.

*Last December, on a snowy day like this I had my ultrasound appointment to find out if Baby X would be a boy or a girl (and to make sure he was all okay), I had to drive up to the college campus (which, even by standards other than those set by Kansas is a hilly drive) to pick up Jed and the kids and I got stuck at a red light on the snowy slippery hill. Luckily we weren't the only car stuck... there were probably 6 of us stuck, but that made it so I couldn't just gun the engine because who knew where I'd go and I didn't want to hit one of the other cars. It was terrifying, being one of my biggest fears and all. In the lane next to me was a car with two college girls stuck but behind us there were cars that could make it up the hill and were annoyed with us. I finally maneuvered my way out of all this.

**Yesterday he snow shoveled right along with out complex's maintenance guy. It was so funny to watch, especially since he's normally pretty shy around adults he doesn't know. I asked him if the guy talked to him, he said, yes, twice. I asked if he talked to the guy to which he answered, "umm... I don't think so."


Shannon said...

I try not to go out when it's snowing. We'll drive the long way around town just to avoid hills when it's snowing or icy. We drove up a hill once in Roslyn (we were checking out the Northern Exposure tour) and we didn't have chains on the truck. My hubby tried to shift down a gear and we stopped and started sliding down the hill backwards - couldn't stop. It actually ripped the driveline off the truck - not something I want to do again :)

LisAway said...

I hate driving in the snow. In Poland almost everyone uses winter tires (I don't think you do that there, do you? Not chains or anything, at the beginning of the winter you just have your tires changed to some with better traction and softer rubber so they have MUCH better grip than regular tires). I still hate driving in the snow.

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