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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


While it's true that I'm in almost none of my pictures, I'm sort of liking it that way. Mostly, if you looked through the photo files on my computer (since we don't actually have hard copies of almost any pictures these days, slacker that I am) you'd think our kids were raising themselves since it's just a gazillion pictures of them on their own.

My friend Rachel is doing 365 days of self-portraits that are so beautiful they put anyone else to shame. And her friend, whose blog I stalk, Jen, challenged* us all to take a self-portrait. My first attempts were pathetic and immediately sent to the recycle bin on my computer. Today I put my hair in two braids simply because I'm sick of my hair, and then when I was hiding Christmas presents last night I came across this funky hat my mom bought me last year because it "looked like you" and I haven't worn it yet. It worked with what I was wearing and my hairstyle, so I tried it on. Then I thought that the corner of hat and my one eyeball I could see in the rearview mirror as I drove Princess Sparkley to school looked pretty cool, so I came home and gave the self portrait a second attempt. This is the only one I'll share.

*Ahh! Just going to their blogs in order to get their weblinks forced me to have to see their fabulously beautiful selves and have second thoughts about all of this self-portrait stuff, as far as me being the "self."


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I'm used to seeing you with hair (and a right eyebrow), so you look sort of freaky in this picture, but still nice. Good job.

Angela said...

I think you look beautiful, and very cute. I like the hat too!

Cristin said...

Nice hat. I always have double chin in self portraits. It is so unattractive. You do not have double chin. Lucky you.

Erin said...

Great hat! You look wonderful.

wendys said...

that is a better picture than I could ever take of myself!

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