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Friday, December 05, 2008

PJs under the Tree

Normally my kids get PJs as one of their Christmas Eve presents. This is leftover from my own family traditions growing up. But I'm working on Christmas cards, and I'm thinking a picture of the kids all decked out in their holiday PJs would be a nice addition to our Christmas letter. So, I'm thinking they'll be photographed in their PJs and then the PJs will magically disappear again until Christmas Eve. Is this horrible of me?


Rae said...

It's not horrible at all...go for it!!

Nancy said...

Oh! We always got pj's for our christmas eve present! How fun! That is funny that they will get to re-open them on Christmas eve after wearing them for the pic . . . but I am all about doing what works, so I say do it if you want!

Leslie said...

We used to have that tradition too - but we bagged it! I give the kids their Christmas jammies Thanksgiving weekend so they can wear them all month (& Winter). We now open the presents from Grandparents on Christmas Eve. I love PJ pictures...they should be really cute.

wendys said...

You don't think the kids would remember and ask for them? You and your hubby should join the picture in pajamas too.

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