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Thursday, December 04, 2008


I for one am a fan of napping. I would take a nap everyday if I could... or maybe just sleep in until 10 (ahh, the days of being a lazy kid in summertime). My kids have never been big on napping. Princess Sparkley gave up naps fairly early on, as did Buddy. I remember being shocked when I found out the kids of my friends who were the same ages as my kids still napped. It had been so long since my kids had taken naps, I didn't realize it was still a possibility that kids that old napped. Baby X is no where near giving up on naps, but his naps this week have stunk. We got into a pretty good patter of napping for 1-2 hours before taking Princess Sparkley to school in the afternoon, and napping for another 1 1/2 -2 hours after we picked her up. Not so this week. For instance, it's 4:50 here in Kansas, I put him bed a little later than normal because we'd had to run to the grocery store after pickign PS up. I fed him a bottle and put him in bed. He was quiet for abou2 minutes, then started making little noises, then started screaming. When I finished the brownie batter I was mixing for tonight's church activity and put it in the oven, I went up to check on him. Poopy. So I change his diaper and put him back in bed. He screams again. And just now, at 4:50 he's asleep. His nap is supposed to be over at 5. Yuck! Meanwhile, the big kids have knocked over the Christmas tree we just put up and decorated last night. Argh.


wendys said...

I hate it when kids don't nap well! It's so frustrating

Rae said...

I love naps too. It's so hard when the kids do not cooperate with the nap taking area! And your tree? I'm so sorry! Hope there wasn't any damage!

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