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Monday, December 29, 2008

Jed's Birthday

Jed's birthday is two days after Christmas. It seems like this could be fun at times... bigger, more expensive presents because they count as birthday/Christmas presents. Opening presents for a week on end (we open ornaments on Festivus, family presents Christmas Eve, Santa presents Christmas day, late Christmas presents or early birthday presents on Boxing Day, and presents on his birthday). He likes to compare his birthday week to Hanukkah with the ongoing present opening.

But then there's always the chance that you'll get one present for Christmas and birthday that should only be one present... not two. There's the chance that when you're a kid your mom will think it's a good idea to make you a Christmas tree shaped birthday cake. This will not go over well. Don't try it.

This year the kids seemed to think Jed should have a theme party. I helped steer them in the direction of maps and globes and they drew me a bunch as decorations. Then I created this, which is really just a round brownie, fudge sundae topping, and melted peanut butter.

abstract (because I'm not artistically inclined) chocolate/peanute butter earth brownie


Shannon said...

I never knew what Festivus was until now. I'm gonna watch the Seinfeld episode in the last season that talks about it :)

wendys said...

That looks too goooey good. Happy birthday Jed!

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