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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well... I'm attempting the "email a post" option for blog posting. Our trusty laptop, TinaSparkle, has been infected with an adware virus so if it's online, a new ad pops up every 5 seconds. And they aren't the kind of ads you'd expect. One is for Glad ziploc bags. Weird. Anyways, until that is fixed I'm (shhhh) using Princess Sparkley's virtual school issued laptop. We use it for her school, but other than that, I try to stick to just check my email, the weather, and maybe the news on it. I don't know if they have a way to see what we're accessing on it, but they indicated that it was just to be used for her school. It's only been a day and I'm already going through blog reading and Facebook denial. Not to mention checking on the status of Christmas packages that Amazon.com is shipping me, ebay bidding, bill paying online, and I took a ton of pictures of the kids today for our Christmas cards and not only can I not post the crazy ones for you all to see, I don't know how to actually go into a store with my camera disc and do anything about it. I always just order the prints online and pick them up later on. Who knew how dependent on technology I had become. Especially since it hates us.*

*If I was logged into blogger and knew what I was doing, I would create a like to a long ago post about how Jed and I (but especially Jed) is convinced that technology and more specifically electronics, are out to get us. They break for us all the time. Also, if I was logger into blogger, I would have this asterisked section in a smaller font.

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