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Friday, December 05, 2008

Gift Ideas

It's great gifts like this that ruin my resolve to finish my Christmas shopping early so I'll stop spending money.

Kids' Tool Set from Restoration Hardware on sale for $26.99

Plush stuffed animals like this one at BabyStyle... mostly on sale for $13.99

If I was rich, felt like spending this much money, and my dad wore necklaces, this Ballpark Pendant Necklace from Red Envelope would be perfect. It is a piece of the original painted seat from one of America's historic ballparks (six choices).

These All-terrain Ballet Flats from Landsend are just $29.50.

These adorable slippers are $34.95 at LLBean.


Angela said...

The image of your dad wearing that necklace is making me chuckle.

Nance said...

Now you have me giggling as well.

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