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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Current frustrations:

Baby X still wakes up a bunch during the night. Usually it's spaced so it's betwee 4-6 hours when he'd normally be eating. So while he does sleep from 8 PM until between 6-8 AM, eating-wise, he treats nighttime like daytime.

Princess Sparkley wakes me up at least once a night, usually during my REM sleep when I can't wake up enough to function. Her reasons are always: needs water, needs a tissue, is scared, needs a light on/a door open, etc. This has been going on for over a week and is driving me nuts.

M&M changed their Mint M&Ms from small, plain M&M sizes to the peanut butter M&M size. This does not bode well for my Chocolate chocolate chip cookies - Christmas style.*

Hannah Montana. Just because Princess Sparkley is 6 and obsessed with her even though she's only seen part of an episode once at Grandma's and part of an episode, with no sound, while we ate dinner at Pizza Street.

Colds. I keep getting them. And then they clear up and I get another one.

I can't get all three of my kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

Princess Sparkley has attitude. She's 6. Isn't she still supposed to be sweet and innocent and nice.

I had to scrounge together enough candy canes to make candy cane bark tonight to drop off to some people tomorrow and I only had like 5 of those tiny ones people had given to us. So I made it and it's fine, but now I just spotted one more tiny candy cane next to the computer... I could have used that!**

People who aren't responsible/dependable. I've always been pretty dependable. It was what teachers at school and church always wrote about me when they had to say something nice about me. I hated it then. Now I'm frustrated that other adults aren't.

*Search for it in my blog, the recipe is posted like two years ago. Mmmmm.
**Search for candy cane bark and you'll find my recipe.


Cristin said...

The problem with multiple kids is that when they all wake up multiple times during the night, you get NO sleep. That's what I'm experiencing right now with the 2.

LisAway said...

I think that's how old Evie was when she started with attitude. Isn't it hard? I was like, "Where did this come from?" She was so sweet before. And at some point it gets really hard not to be sassy back. For me.

And David used to go through phases maybe once or twice a year where he would wake up every night for a week or so at almost the same time to go to the bathroom. I finally realized that it was just in the lighter cycle of his sleep so I made sure he'd used to the bathroom before bed and told him that he could not get out of bed during the night (I explained to him about his sleep cycle). It worked! And every time after that on the second night that he would wake up again I reminded him what was waking him up and he stopped getting out of bed again. (I was pregnant and then nursing when these things happened and I, like you couldn't stand to wake up more than those things already caused me to do.

Good luck on getting more sleep!

Angela said...

I too am frustrated by Hannah Montana. They had a marathon on the Disney channel the other day and I tried to watch some to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly came to the conclusion that Miley Cirus is super annoying and shouldn't be acting on tv.

Erin said...

It is hard to get over colds when you aren't getting any sleep. Sadly, Mimi has been getting up every 2-3 hours for the past few weeks. It started because she was sick and couldn't breathe, but I think she is getting better now and there is no improvement in her sleep. aargh.

hope you and your computer get better

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