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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Picture: Take 6

This is PS yelling at me because I've asked for her eyeballs to please be looking at the camera and she insists that they are. However, I have these as proof that her eyeballs are often not looking at the camera when her face is:

*This picture was also eliminated due to PS's underwear showing resulting in my having to crop the picture.


LisAway said...

Oh, you're getting closer! I see noses and eyes! I love the evidence of her drifting eyeballs. :)

wendys said...

I like it! The bottom picutre of PS is really funny, she looks a little possessed!

Erin said...

Your kids are just like mine! It is so impossible to get a picture of all of them. You would think the older ones would cooperate but they are just as impossible. We bribe them to smile. In some pictures you can see Lydia holding her fingers in her lap counting how many smiles she has done (she may get an M&M for each smile or something). I love that you have documented all the fun pictures.

Michelle said...

That is so hilarious. I love this post!! There is usually at least one kid doing that sort of thing in our family pictures!!

Cristin said...

Oh that bottom picture is priceless!

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