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Monday, December 22, 2008


I opened my fridge a few minutes ago and noticed a quart of half and half at the back that I'd bought last week. This was before I bought the half and half for this clam chowder. Actually, it gave me the idea to make clam chowder, but I had to buy more half and half because both recipes called for 1 quart. But now I can't remember my original purpose in buying half and half. Last time it was whipping cream. Argh.

***Added a few minutes later.***
I remembered!!!! A recipe for homemade mac and cheese from my new Taste of Home magazine. I was going to link you to the recipe, but it's for subscribers only, like me. Although you should all subscribe... you can get it as low at $10 or $12 for 10 issues a year. And it is well worth it. Not that I pay, it's a gift from my mom each Christmas. :)


wendys said...

Mmm I love homemade mac & cheese. That gives me a great idea for dinner tonight!

P.S. I loved your Christmas letter and photos. I can't believe how many blogs you keep up!

Shannon said...

Sounds yummy! You should post the recipe anyways :)

Thanks for sharing :)

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