"Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of. but do it in private
and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I guess I like to think that the fact that I like to write, dream of writing a book, and always have, is a secret from all of you. When I first started this blog forever ago, I mentioned it, but back then, few of you read my blog. When I started this blog, I only told a handful of people that I had a blog. I didn't even tell my own mother. Since then you've all wandered in and found me by some means or another. Even my mother secretly spies on my blog. But I started this because I enjoy writing and it was a fun way to keep in touch with friends I'd sort of fallen out of touch with. And to write, of course. But since then, this has sort of evolved from a blog of me writing, to a blog about everything I love (desserts, candy, sewing, books, kids, etc.). So when I mentioned rather quickly the other day that I had been working on a story idea, I was surprised how all of you picked up on that so quickly. I thought I'd said/typed it fast enough, and I wasn't too important, that you'd all just skim over it and be done reading. Not so.

Jed and I are constantly amazed by how out there people are with their life goals, dreams and aspirations. I think I've always been private about these things. As has he. So I don't think we've influenced each other, but I'm sure we haven't helped the other be more open or vocal either. He fears telling people where he really wants to go for grad school, along with all sorts of other things. I try to avoid mentioning that I like to write. So when we come across people who boldly put out there the fact that they are writing a novel, we're a bit embarrassed for them. (Forgive me if you are one of these people.)

For instance, (do you like how I threw this new paragraph in there just to make this post look shorter since the paragraphs are all basically brief?) the other day we were shopping at the totally awesome toy store in our town's fun downtown area. As we were leaving, a man named James with a "Y," or more truthfully, Jaymes, stopped us. He'd had a class with Jed a few semesters ago, hence me knowing who "James with a Y" was when we were introduced. In the 1 1/2 minute conversation we had, he mentioned that he's writing a novel. Maybe he felt comfortable telling me because really, what are the chances that we'll see each other again (although I do love that toy store... if only I had a million dollars to spend there) and he wasn't worried about the embarrassment when he failed at said novel writing. Or maybe that's just how some people are. I guess maybe he doesn't even think failure is an option. Novel concept. I am not that way. So while I secretly still desire to write the next great American novel, keep it under your hat. Thanks. :)

On another note, Jed, who is a cartographer/mapmaker by profession, but not as a student, recently had some maps he made published in this book* that a former professor of his just published. Yea for Jed!

*The description says three maps, there are actually four... all Jed's. And he gets an acknowledgement at the book's start as well.


Cristin said...

I rarely tell people any of my "dreams and aspirations" either for the same reasons you stated. It is just embarrasing and I feel like if they don't come to pass people will laugh and say, "Ha ha, see, you couldn't do it."

When we lived in Provo, there was a girl in our ward who had no kids and no job. When I asked her why she wasn't working she said, "Oh, I'm writing a book." I remember thinking she was really stupid and wasting her time because the chance of her book actually getting published was probably pretty slim. Flash forward, her book got published and Wal-mart even sells it. So... maybe these things ARE possible.

And good job Jed!

LisAway said...

A few people have asked if I would write a novel or if I've thought of it. I should just start saying, If I ever get anything published, I'll let you know! (I've never even tried. Never written anything actually, but I'm not going to say never. On the other hand, I'm not going to say, "Yeah, man. Totally!") If people talk about writing books to me, I feel like it's a process for them, and don't think about the having it published or not. Otherwise, like you say, it is a little silly to bring up.

LisAway said...

Sorry, I wanted to also say congrats to you husband! Awesome.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Don't forget the dude who was on the editorial board of the paper with me who would tell people he'd just met, "My goal is to be the next Mark Twain." I mean, what do you say to that? "Um, good luck?" And, IMHO, I was a LOT closer to Mark Twain material than he was.

wendys said...

I understand the hesitancy to post all your hope, dreams and aspirations! I always think it will jinx them if I parade them around to everyone.

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