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Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm a bit behind on my blog reading. Baby X has had a fever and been a grouch. I've been lazy. Normal stuff like that. So as I was making my way through my Google Reader today I found this fabulous idea. Bakerella has a spice rack with jars filled with sprinkles. How fun is that? But that's not even the great idea. In her living room, she has a wall covered with these same types of jars. Not spices. Not sprinkles. Sand. Sand with a little label that says where it's from and when. Awesome. But it's the kind of think I wish I'd started as a kid because I know there are beaches in cool places I'll never get to go to again. Click on sand and check out her pictures. Beautiful.

1 comment:

LisAway said...

I saw that! Isn't it a lovely idea? Except if everyone took that much sand from every beach they visited. . .

And the sprinkle pictures are just lovely. What a cute kitchen decoration!

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