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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Road Trip

Princess Sparkley and Buddy at the St. Louis Zoo studying their zoo maps instead of the baby elephant. ---Oct. 2007

We're map people. Thanks to Jed who is King of the Map People... if such people existed. We have a four hour drive to get to grandma and grandpa's house. They've figured out that asking if we are there yet bugs mom and dad. Instead, about every ten minutes, Buddy asks us what city we are in. Creative, still annoying.


LisAway said...

I love that! What a great time waster! Find where we are on the map! Cute kids.

Leslie said...

That cracks me up...my kids like maps too thanks to Dora the explorer!

Cristin said...

Great idea to give your kids a map. I loved following maps on road trips as a kid. We now have a GPS that drives me crazy because I'm counting down the miles until our next turn during long road trips and it can become pretty tedious.

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