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Monday, November 24, 2008

Review: Twilight the movie

I went into the movie with very low expectations. I hadn't really watched any movie trailers, but had seen official photos of the cast (like the one above) and I wasn't happy. I have a very vivid imagination as I read, sometimes the characters I picture match the character in the book more in personality than in appearance. That's how Twilight was for me. Bella was supposed to be beautiful, but not as beautiful as a vampire. Edward is supposed to be gorgeous, but not scary gorgeous. The vampires just looked too... unreal. But it's sort of a fantasy genre book/movie, so I guess I'll have to accept that.

This all being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I went with a group of friends and we were all surprised by how funny it was. Bella's clumsiness. The awkwardness between Bella and Edward when they first meet. The theater filled with laughter a lot more than any of us expected. And the characters of Edward and Bella really grew on me. Emmett was hilarious as was Rosalie. Alice didn't have as big a role in this movie but was cute. Jasper was funny and a bit weird. James and Victoria were wonderfully cast. As was Bella's dad, Charlie. I loved Bella's dad.

I thought the cameo of Stephenie Meyer was a bit cheesey and over the top obvious, but when I mentioned this to two of my friends on the ride home, they hadn't even noticed it, so I guess not.

Overall, I was very happy with this movie. It was good. I suppose it was worth the $8.75 I spent, although when I figured it out before the movie, this is only the third movie I've seen in a movie theater since we moved to Kansas over three years ago. And one of the other two was Cars. So I guess I was overdue for a little splurge in the movie going department. And I'll watch this again, especially since I just read that the second book just got picked up by the same movie company, so I'll have to watch Twilight again to prepare for the release of the new movie. I'm not crazy enough to read the books again, I'm too busy for that.


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jazzykins said...

I went and saw the movie in Vegas over the weekend. (I had no desire to see it in STG with all of my crazy students...) I was disappointed in the Edward in the sun and meadow scene, but I thought it was done pretty well. And I thought Charlie was hilarious. My favorite was at the very end, some girl walking out said, "That was the stupidest ending!" and all the girls I went with all said at the same time, "Go read the books!" Duh people!

Josh and Harmoni said...

This is a great review!! We'll have to try and see it maybe this weekend. We went opening night and there WAS way too many people....we ended up seeing Quantum of Solace-James Bond. It was really great!!

Nancy said...

Hmmm, I just took a peak at your blog because . . . how did I end up here? Oh, yes, because I was looking at my old ward pal, Susan's blog, and saw your comment and well, your name was kind of like mine, as I often am Nance, so I had to look. Why I am commenting on this post is uncertain except that I did just see it and even though I was wary about going with all the insanity of hyped up girls about me (I liked the books plenty . . . but you know, how too too much insanity can turn you off), but I agree with you. I was happily surprised withthe charactars and chemistry and what not . . . but was Dr. Cullen not quite as cool as he might have been and a little too powdery white. Anyway, sorry about the nose breathing! That's the worst.

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