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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Old Time/New Time

I hate time changes. Jed makes fun of me because I refer to everything as old time or new time. It didn't factor into things so much before we had kids. It was just an extra hour more (yea!) or less (boo!) of sleep. But with kids I have to constantly be thinking, "oh, he's crying because even though it's 7 o'clock, that's new time. In old time it's 8 o'clock and he needs a bottle and to go to sleep." Or, "it's 4 o'clock new time, so it's 5 o'clock old time and we should be hungry for dinner." I know it's only an hour, but it totally messes up my life every six months. Same with traveling between time zones. Annoying. I think I need to move to Arizona (or isn't there somewhere near Indiana or somewhere) where the time doesn't change.


wendys said...

I get frustrated with time changes too! The kids were up at 6 am old time, 5 am new time and it made it so much worse that the clocks said 5 am even though it was the same as 6 really.

Erin said...

When we lived in Indiana there was no time change. I loved it. But after we moved they ended up bringing back Daylight Savings by a vote. What were they thinking?! I think that there are still some parts that don't have it though.

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