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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now, on to Christmas...

I felt bad writing about Christmas when Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet*, so I posted these Thanksgiving crafts. And now that Thanksgiving has been discussed, no matter how briefly, we are moving forward. Christmas. It's like I'm Target... except wait, it's way past September.

As Jed and my families have grown, we've become more and more creative about how to do family gift exchanges. For awhile we drew names out of an adult name hat and a kid name hat with my family. The past couple years we've just had cousins draw cousins, so only a kid hat.

With Jed's family we bought a Christmas ornament for each family one year. And last year we started buying a Christmas book for each family. We all liked this tradition and plan on continuing it for a few years.

Back to my family, what should we do this year? They are leaning towards each family buys one gift for each other family (I only have two siblings, so this isn't so big of a deal). And we'd pick some sort of theme. For example, the theme could be "outdoors" and someone could buy our family a sled or something. I don't know. These were the ideas handed down to me.

What does your family do? Do you have any good theme suggestions like the "outdoors" one above? Any other marvelous ideas for Christmas gift exchanges?

*My kids keep asking why houses and stores aren't decorated for THanksgiving since everyone decorates for Halloween and Christmas. I just keep telling them people are so excited about Christmas decorating they just skip right over Thanksgiving. Hopefully it's not that no one is giving thanks.

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