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We've moved!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

New Neighbors

We haven't had neighbors since July. It's been nice. Since we've lived here we've had neighbors that let their dogs poop all over the lawn in front of our house, literally feet from our front door. We've had loud neighbors with loud, drunk friends. Etc. We've had decent neighbors as well. I was sort of hoping no one would move in next door. But today we looked outside and there was a moving truck. So I've sent my kids out to the playground to play, so that while I'm watching them, I can also be spying. So far I've seen a grandfather clock and some wicker furniture unloaded... I'm thinking they are older people. Don't you think? The college guys before unloaded a bunch of double beds, expensive electronic equipment and beer posters. Plus, it's not the people moving the stuff, it's a moving service. Old people. Hopefully nice old people that like to hear kids playing.


Angela said...

I love spying! We have lots of people move in to our apt. complex and I always spy.

the doze said...

Old people make the best neighbors. They will take care of you, as if you are their children/grandchildren. Plus, they go to bed early, so you won't hear a sound after 5pm.

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