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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted Today

These are the complaints that I have about voting:
  • You show up and give them a last name. Mine is pretty unique, but all I did was tell the woman my last name and she said, "Nancy?" Umm, yeah. Shouldn't I have to supply the first name too? Or verify my address? Or something? I turned 18 the day I left California for college in Utah and voted absentee for the 4 1/2 years that I was living there. So I didn't vote in person until I moved back to California. I was shocked that they had a list of voter's names and addresses hanging outside the polling place door and that I didn't have to show ID. I didn't have to show ID! No one does! I'm still so surprised by this.
  • Today I colored in bubbles on a sheet. I know there was a lot of problems with the punch out ballots in the 2000 election, but I colored in bubbles... like I was in high school and taking a scantron test. AND... it wasn't with a number two pencil. I used a pen. Ahh.
  • When I was done with my ballot the woman had me feed it into a printer/copier looking machine's feed slot. She informed me that it didn't matter which way I fed it in. So basically, it was an electronic version of a wooden block with a slot in it. Interesting.
  • Our kids are big John McCain supporters. We're not sure why. We're Republicans, but we're not really big fans of McCain. At one point, we were both planning on voting for Obama. But our kids, maybe due to his grandfatherly look, have latched on to McCain and are big supporters. Jed is worried that people are going to think that our kids support McCain because we've been pushing it at home. We haven't been. Not at all. Jed can't stand the man.

The good things about voting:
  • I got a sticker.
  • My kids got to vote at their own voting booth section of our polling place.
  • We got free ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.

Here's what Princess Sparkley brought home from school today:

Transcription: John McCain

McCain because I like him. He's old. I [heart] McCain.


LisAway said...

That is so funny that your kids are McCain fans.

I haven't heard (or read) the word "scantron" in maybe 12 years. Thanks for that.

Erin said...

I thought about scantron tests today too. We did have to show IDs in Indiana, so I was shocked when we didn't here. The person at the polling place recognized me and I didn't even have to say my name. It was so weird.

Cristin said...

I've never had to show my id. I realized today that this is the 4th Presidential election that I've been able to vote, wow I'm getting old.

Yes, your kids are correct. McCain is old. I thought is concession speech was actually a little sad. I also thought as he was talking, "Damn that Jed, this is all because he voted for Barr."

Angela said...

I didn't get a sticker and I was so upset! I have never actually voted before sadly enough and I was really looking forward to my sticker...they did look at my ID though. P.S. is hilarious, that is sooo cute!

jazzykins said...

Apparently lisaway isn't a teacher. Scantrons are the plague of my life. It means my students (and I) will be bored to tears that day taking some random standardized test that I'm supposed to make sound really, really important, but really, really isn't all that important.

Yea for voting. Go Democracy!

Kristi said...

Our kids are the same way- big fans of McCain. They even made up a song, well, more like a chant that they shouted all they way home from school. I felt just like Jed. I kept shushing them especially on the "Boo Obama!" parts.

Anonymous said...

I love how your kids got involved in the election process in their own way!

(I know I am posting to a really old post, but I just wandered upon your blog today and have been reading back into the previous posts.)

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