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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Baby X is proving he really is the troublemaker in our family. First he started with his bum heart. Then he moved on to rolling over at three months. Crawling early. Standing early. Walking along furniture early. Now he sticks every tiny itsy bitsy thing he finds into his mouth. More recently he's discovered my cupboards. His favorite is pulling out my box of spices and sucking on them. The other day he spilled oregano all over himself. Plus, I'm pretty sure some of those spicier spices aren't going to taste good to his delicate palette.

Along with his troublemakerness, I can't get anything done with him around. Homeschooling has become difficult because every two seconds I have to jump up and retrieve something else from his mouth. A screw. A piece of paper. A rubberband. Etc. And stuff like filing away paid bills and other little household tasks that just keep the house in relative order, have become impossible. The dishwasher... his best friend.

So today I put baby locks on all of our kitchen cupboards. This is something that we only did on medicine cupboards and under the sink in the past. When we moved to our current home Buddy was 17 months old, yet I never had to baby proof the cupboards, just the stairs.

As I type, Baby X is napping and I have the two big kids doing my dirty work. They are sorting through this enormous box, from my side of the bed (that was starting to threaten tripping me over in the middle of the night), of their artwork (with other things scattered into the mix- ie: Baby X's blessing certificate, Baby X's 6 month pictures, etc.) so I can file the good stuff away in each of the file folders I keep for their milestone artwork (which has turned into everything we can't convince them to throw away). That was a long, probably grammatically incorrect sentence. Oh well. Baby X only sleeps so long. I've got a lot to do.

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Jenni foo foo said...

I like baby X. He will bring you much much laughter, and you won't have a dull moment! How fab!
I have a baby x, he is 4. He is crazy. But I love him dearly...otherwise he would not be alive. :)

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