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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Evils of Halloween

1. Kids are rude. I don't mean the little kids who are shy and quiet. I mean the older kids who barely even say trick-or-treat, let alone thank you.

2. I can never get the right amount of candy. Usually I buy a ton of my favorites and we end up giving every last piece away. This year I bought a bunch of kid favorites (ie: Dum Dums, Starbursts, Smarties, etc.) and we have a ton leftover.

3. My kids insist that the trunk-or-treat is not enough, that we need to go door to door as well. To be fair, while all the other kids circle the parking lot 3+ times, we only allow our kids one trip around. But they still get a TON of candy.

4. Gory costumes. Especially gory costumes on little kids, or adults at parties where little kids are present.

5. The fact that women use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a tramp.

6. That the majority of adult women Halloween costumes are "sexy" costumes.

7. Carving billions of pumpkins.

But I realized last night after pushing the stroller up a hill and walking door to door with my kids that I really like Halloween. I'm not going to claim it as my favorite holiday. I will very rarely dress up. But I enjoy it. It's fun and exciting and I like dressing the kids up.

Here's some of the cool stuff I saw this Halloween that I want to remember for next year:
  • Sawing a pumpkin in half and placing a taper candle in each half.
  • Gutting a pumpkin and then carving polka dots in it.
  • Carving pumpkins in a nontraditional fashion (ie: sideways so the stem is a nose, etc.).
  • A spiral pumpin (like how you peel an orange with one long piece of peel, I saw one like this with toothpicks holding up each level).
  • A bubble blower that was blowing dry ice bubbles or something. Very cool. Like this.


jazzykins said...

I totally agree with you on the "Halloween is annoying" front. I could add that the idea of having pre-school kids come trick-or-treating at the high school is a bad idea. Let's let loose 600 teenagers, full of sugar, and hormones into the hallways with bags of candy to hand out (or just eat themselves) to cute impressionable kids. Yep, that was how I spent friday afternoon. It was a madhouse. But I'm going to add a rant of my own to my blog so I'll stop here.

wendys said...

I really don't like trunk or treats, it seems weird having a holiday where you sit in the back of your car in a cold parking lot and switch candy with everyone. I'm amazed at some of the pre-teens who are dressing trampy. I hate the gory costumes too, it disturbed my kids.

Rae said...

Use a drill to "carve" the polka dots in your pumpkin. I love making those pumpkins! Wal-Mart was selling those bubble blowers for $40. The bubbles have fog in them. How cool!!

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