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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Confession: I'm a nose breather

I'm a nose breather. This means that right now, with a cold, my nose is stuffed and my mouth is hanging open as I desperately try to stay alive based on the air my mouth can suck in alone. It feels weird to me. I can't explain it in any other way except for saying "I'm a nose breather." Breathing through my mouth is possible, but it's like a chore that I have to remember to do. My saving grace last night was my son's nose spray I bought for him a few weeks ago when he had a stuffy nose. I tried it last night and it was like a miracle. But I used it earlier today and I don't know where I put it and so I'm afraid that when I fall asleep my brain will stop remembering to breath through my mouth and I will die. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I'm probably dead. Actually, you probably won't hear from me tomorrow, but not because I'm dead, because it's the day before Thanksgiving and life is busy PEOPLE! Say that in Junie B. Jones voice.*

*My kids are currently obsessed with Junie B. Jones, Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Clementine, and Judy Moody books read aloud on cd. Junie B. Jones, hilarious, but a bit naughty. Jed and I have found that all of us, kids and adults, have started phrasing words and emphasizing sentences like we're Junie B. Jones, PEOPLE. (Except I'm not actually supposed to go there anymore!" - direct Junie B. Jones quote I heard from the other room as I was about to hit "Publish Post.")

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LisAway said...

I thought most people were nose breathers? I'm a mouth breather which is awful because I often sleep with my mouth open (ugh) and I had to have "lessons" on where my tongue belonged when I was a teenager. Really, a therapist came to my house and taught me a few times. Also, I notice that on some candid pictures of me my mouth is open, and it's not cute. Remember my photographic prophecy phulphillment? There's a good example right there. Yuck.

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