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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cities We Could End Up In

Jed loves geography. He makes maps as his job. And for fun. Before we moved to Kansas we each went through the fifty states and ranked them in order of how much we'd want to live in each state. We're crazy, I know. Then we figured out which states were most agreeable to both of us. Then the other day Jed mentioned that there are probably only five more major moves in us. Really!?! That's like saying we're almost done having kids. I mean, it just seems like a huge commitment to me. I'm not sure I'll know where I want to settle down in that many more moves. Yikes. I'm feeling pressure here.

Next July we will make move number one. Here are the high contender cities/states in no particular order:

Lawrence, KS
St. Louis, MO
Philidelphia, PA
Boston, MA
metro DC
Milwaukee, WI
Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois
Houston, TX


Angela said...

I'm surprised by how many midwestern states are on your list, especially since you guys are both from cali. Adam and I are constantly obsessing over where we want to settle down. Sometimes I think we will stay here and then I get a claustrophobic feeling, not because I don't like it here, but because it is such a huge commitment! Sounds like getting married huh?:)

Kristi said...

Erik and I have done the same thing. We used to have 8 states on our list; I think it's probably time to go over it again. When we moved here for Erik's job, people would say, "Oh, you're permanent then." I wonder if I'll ever feel like we are permanently settled.

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