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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Writing in Books

I'm super annoyed. Remember when high school English teachers would make you do marginalia, writing notes in your book margins? In high school, I basically just wrote random stuff to fulfill the assignment. There have been occasions, in college and as an adult when I've really used marginalia... but only here and there, and very infrequently. Otherwise, I never ever write in a book. So when I check out a book from the library that has been written in, I'm frustrated. When the person writing in the book thinks they are correcting errors that aren't actual errors, I'm even more annoyed.

I just finished Spells and Sleeping Bags by Sarah Mlynowski. It's a young adult chicklit kind of book. Three different people wrote in this book. The first person drew a little carrot, and lightly, in pencil wrote a one word definition for "procrastinated," I can't even remember what they wrote. I was sort of annoyed that they had to write in a book, but they used pencil. Oh well. The second, most annoying person in the world, used pen and made corrections to nonexistent errors. First they corrected the spelling of the word repellant (it was changed to repellent) -which, when looked up in the dictionary, both spellings are correct, and the one in the book is actually listed first. THEN the person changed the spelling of racket to raquet. ARGH! THEN they had the nerve to correct grammatical references, twice. Things that were totally up to the author how it was worded and were parts of character's conversations, and thus, not necessarily perfect. The third person to write in the book crossed out one of person number two's grammatical corrections and rewrote it the way the book originally had it. Hoorah. I just wish there was some way the dummy who messed with the book could check it out again and see the error of their ways.

Oh I am so annoyed!! I wish there was someway I could find this person and beat them upside the head with this book!!

Please, never write in a book that you don't own. And PLEASE, don't make corrections if you don't know what you are talking about. I'm blaming it on some nerdy teenage girl who thinks she's all that when it comes to grammar and spelling. My husband is blaming it on a English teacher... but since I was one, and a lot of my college friends still are English teachers, I'm sticking with my annoying teenage girl theory.


Angela said...

Thank goodness for blogs, how would we express our anger to the world without them. I have found some errors in Breaking Dawn about hunting, but I would never write in the library book. She calls an elk a buck which is untrue, they are called bulls. I know because I get corrected by my father-in-law all the time. People are lame!

Jamie said...

I think that's hilarious. It reminds me of "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves". Sticklers unite. If I were a librarian I would love to somehow investigate who defaced a book while it was checked out to them and present them with a bill or something.

Nance said...

I totally wish I could call up the library and have them track this person down so I can tell them how horrible they are and that the grammar also stinks and that they shouldn't be a know-it-all because really, they don't. Can you tell I'm still mad at them!?!

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