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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Sox Mourning

So, the Red Sox don't get to go to the World Series this year. It should make my husband feel better since my kids think that the Red Sox are supposed to win every year and find it hard to believe that they've only won three times in the past 90 or or so odd years. It just happens that two of those wins have been during their lifetimes. Jed is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and after that, a National League cheering fan. He's nice enough to cheer for the Red Sox for me and my dad and the kids but when the Red Sox just keep winning, he feels the need to start cheering for a new underdog, or something like that.

I accidentally matched my two boys today. Not on purpose, I got one dressed and then the other and then realized that they sort of matched. So I decided to take some baseball pictures. And Princess Sparkley felt a bit left out, so she went and put on a red shirt to join in on the fun. Here are the results:


Angela said...

Baby X is getting so big and cute! Heck they all are!

Erin said...

Such cute pictures. Baby X is very photogenic. He is such a smiler. I liked your punny title.

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