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Friday, October 24, 2008

The New Sandbox

We went to a pumpkin patch today that had a huge "sandbox" full of corn kernels. My kids loved it, and they're sort of the big kids now when it comes to sandbox kind of stuff. I loved the idea too. Although I did find a huge pile of corn kernels in my car that fell out of their coat pockets when they sat down. And we haven't even undressed them yet to uncover what made its way into their clothes. Mostly I just loved these pictures.

Oh, and this picture... totally unrelated, BUT, with a pumpkin:

Oh, and this that I drove past on my way home:


Cristin said...

We have a place near us with a similar "corn" swimming pool. It is so much fun. I have thought of putting one in our backyard.

Angela said...

I had a rice sandbox when I was in kindergarten. It was awesome.

Erin said...

those are great pictures! I love fall.

Angela said...

I think that X is looking more and more like your dad.

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