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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Multi-tasking = messing up more than one thing at a time

That's my new definition for multi-tasking after I tried to make rolls for dinner while doing a handful of other things. It wasn't until the rolls were set in their warm place, waiting to rise, that I realized I had yet to add the 2 eggs. So I quickly put the dough back in the mixer and added the eggs and a bit more flour. It's rising, so it seems like it'll turn out alright.


Leslie said...

Seriously!! Isn't that what kids do too? :)

Shannon said...

awwww.....the life of a mother = multi-tasking 24 hours a day

I think we even do it while we are sleeping :)

LisAway said...

I once made a tuna casserole and was so confused as to why it had so much less flavor/something was wrong with it. When I was almost done eating I realized that I'd left out the tuna.

Rae said...

At least you were making rolls! I defrost and bake Rhode's Rolls and think I'm such a great cook! :)

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