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Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Going Ons...

...or why I'm too busy/lazy for a real post and other random musings.

  • I have a cold. So my throat is sore and keeps giving out on me and my head occassionally feels like exploding, although it's getting better.
  • I've been reading a lot, (I needed to, if you remember this post). I finished Eat, Pray, Love on Wednesday, Stop in the Name of Pants! on Thursday, The Glass Castle on Saturday, and The Sunflower last night.
  • I just started The Sex Lives of Cannibals, which was recommended to me by three people and I didn't realize until I started it that it's another nonfiction book. I've way over filled my nonfiction quota for this year.
  • I now write reviews and rate books here.
  • Baby was sleeping from 8 o'clock at night until 5, 6, or 7 in the morning, until our family reunion trip to St. Louis at the beginning of August. Since then, he wakes up at least twice a night, usually more. And he's becoming a stinker about laying him in bed and having him just go to sleep. Now I have to rock him and hold him until he's nearly unconscious or he'll scream and scream. Argh.
  • Baby X's wakefulness is making me extra tired. So instead of jumping out of bed and starting my day at 8 (Ha! I like I ever jump out of bed at 8.) I just want to lay in a clump on his floor and have him crawl all over me for a few hours before I'm awake enough to function.
  • The Kite Runner is waiting for me to watch it while folding a huge pile of laundry.
  • I keep getting friend requests on Facebook and I'm so excited to see who it is and it's always, 98% of the time, someone I don't know. They think that since we know the same people, or we grew up in the same town, that we should know each other. If you don't know me, don't request me as your friend!! Argh.
  • And I keep having to sneeze.
  • Baby X is in a cute, squealing like a baby pterodactyl phase, and if we squeal back at him, he'll do it back to us. It's pretty cute.
  • I like slashes. For instance, before Baby X came along, we had a room (now his) called the office/playroom. Except it then became referred to by our kids as "the slash playroom."
  • There's candy cane ice cream in my freezer. Yum.
  • And I keep having to sneeze.


Cristin said...

Good luck on the sleep thing. I'm right there with you right now. I end up with the baby in bed about 90% of the time now. It's the only way I'm sleeping.

Erin said...

I hope you feel better soon and that everyone will get some sleep. I always want to have something to watch while folding laundry. Then I have an excuse to watch a movie--I am multi tasking.

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