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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloweens Past

In preschool, I was a clown. My teachers were Mrs. Schubert and Mrs Slavinski and I remember being very frustrated that I could say their names in my head correctly, but when I tried to say them out loud they got all messed up and jumbled.

In kindergarten, I was what would now be called an American Indian. And I brought a bat from my neighbor's yard to show and tell.

I was a ballerina/gymnast when I was 8 or so.

The rest of my Halloweens all blur together. I was a butterfly one year. I know I was a punk rocker for quite a few years in a row. Around sixth grade I was a tiger. I was a cheerleader one year in my sister's old cheerleader uniform.

My Halloween's typically involved whoever my best friend was at the time (first Vicki Hull, then Angela Wess, then Julie Pinteric, etc.) and their younger siblings. Our parents would drive us to a more populous neighborhood in my teeny little town and we'd go door to door filling our pillowcases with candy to our hearts content.

We never got trick or treaters at our house. Or I guess I should say we rarely got trick or treaters. Sometimes my friends would come. Maybe a neighbor. But one year, we decided we'd trick or treat at some of my neighbors, figuring if my family bought tons of candy each year for the trick or treaters that never showed up, the neighbors must do the same. One lady gave us caramel apples but felt bad because she only bought two each year for the two boys who lived across the street from her and never expected anyone else. I think she gave those two boys each a dollar that year since we got their apples.

We buy a ton of candy each year. Eat all the good stuff. Buy more. Eat. Buy. Give away. Get stuck with a bunch of dum dums and weirdo gummy body parts that our kids get when they trick or treat. And while the kids are asleep, we slowly eat all the good stuff that they did get out of their pumpkins. Then I vow to give up candy and in the middle of a long boring day I find myself in the kitchen tearing open a bad of chocolate chips and eating handful after handful. Repeat.


Cristin said...

Oh my, that made me laugh because I do the chocolate chip thing too. I will get desperate for candy and eat a handful as I walk around the house, all while trying to conceal it from Luke.

Angela said...

we are trying to hold out and only buy candy right before Halloween this year. Last year Safeway had bags of candy on sale for 25 cents after Halloween and we completely overdosed. We were like wild animals, but honestly how can you resist when it is so cheap, I would buy 8 bags of candy for 2 bucks! Oh how we were sick

LisAway said...

Oh Halloween! You gotta love it.

I think I was a "punker" maybe three or four years in a row, too.

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