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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google Searches Gone Amuck

I saw this on LisAway's blog and thought it looked fun. Here are some of the weird Google searches that have brought people to my blog.

annoyed facebook friend requests don't know: yep... I'm with you on that.

nuni and nooni skits: umm... I don't know what this means. Did I write these words in my blog? (Quick blog search - no.)

is there going to be a sequel to the book hattie big sky?: I don't know, but now I'm curious...is there going to be? (Google Search of my own-where I came up as the second option - interview with the author says: maybe).

mrs piggle wiggle video: is there one?? I'm excited. (Answer: sort of, but not really.)

your an intriguing man by your writing: umm... i don't know what this person was searching for that could have possibly brought them to my blog.

kraft jet puffed mallow bites: I know!!! They are delicious, aren't they?

ladybug invasion kansas: yep... I know. All over the place.

who is elizabeth gilbert's ex?: I thought the same thing when I was reading Eat, Pray, Love.

toys go out movie?: really? Again, I'm excited and now have a question I have to find the answer to because my post about the book certainly didn't mention a movie. (Answer: no... at least not yet.)

wash hut provo: why is anyone looking up this place?

can mascara melt from oven?: yes.

jason mraz morman?: first, it's spelled Mormon. Second, I'm pretty sure he's not.

sex: sorry to disappoint. Not much talk about sex here. Just the book review for The Sex Lives of Cannibals and possibly the speculation of Baby X's sex before he was born. Oh, and maybe discussing that there is too much sex in a book for me to recommend it. Unfortunately, all this mention of sex has brought up a bunch of crazy perverts searching for stuff they definitely aren't finding on my blog.

Also, again, all you teens out there, stop coming to my blog looking for Cliff's notes on teen books. I'm not doing your homework for you!! (But now that I've written "Cliff's" here, I'll bring more of you in. Argh.)


LisAway said...

Ha! I'd forgotten about the Wash Hut.

I'm so glad you did these. They're so fun to read.

You've got all the smart people coming to your blog looking for literary stuff, and I've got people looking for super-dork of the universe. Although your nuni and nooni skits is pretty great. . .

Jamie said...

Nuni and Nooni is from SNL. They are funny, but I wonder how it came to your blog? I made it so my blog was supposedly unsearchable but I used to get people looking for American Gladiator women.

Brian, Mason & Cortni said...

Actually, the ladybug invasion in Kansas isn't THAT far of a stretch. In 2005, the research department of K-State let loose a species of bug that looked very similar to ladybugs and they were EVERYWHERE!

Erin said...

that cracks me up that people looking up "sex" find your blog. I really don't like the Nuni and Noonie skits.

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