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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Charlie's Angels (the TV show) Review

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Let me start by saying I loved this TV show as a kid. Loved it. I think I watched it with my grandma. We don't have cable, just bunny ears on our TV, so we're limited on what we can watch, and a lot of it is fuzzy. (But this is how we read so much, so it's okay.) And really, there are only a few channels I miss (the Food Network, TLC, Noggin, etc.). So because we don't have TV, we watch a lot of TV shows on DVD that we check out from the library. I've worked my way through Alias, most of CSI, most of CSI: NY, Ugly Betty: Season 1, Arrested Development (Thanks, Erin), 30 Rock, etc. A few weeks ago I had this epiphany that I should check out TV shows like Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman (it's on hold for me at the library as we speak).

I spent the first few episodes of Charlie's Angels yelling at the TV and being shocked. First, they are horrible detectives. (And this is probably the show that got me into mysteries and made it so I owned my own detective kit when I was a kid. The series that made the ten year old me decide I wanted to be a detective when I grew up.) They never have their guns ready when they need them. They always get caught snooping. When they are undercover, they have no problem conferencing together, just a few feet from a suspect or someone. They have huge discussions about the case within earshot of all sorts of people.

Second, I can't believe the stuff they allowed on TV in the Seventies, or that I watched this stuff as a kid. Granted, most of it went way over my head (at least I hope so), but still, it's pretty bad. The sexual innuendo, Charlie's new girl each episode, Farrah Faucett's you know what's sticking out constantly, episodes dealing with the porn industry, or massage parlors as covers for prostitution. I mean, I guess I've seen a lot of this on CSI now, but it isn't the Seventies and I'm not a kid. I guess I just pictured TV before 90210 being like I Love Lucy (another fave show of mine) where Lucy and Ricky had to have separate beds and they couldn't use the word "pregnant" in the episode title for the episode when Lucy tells Ricky that she's pregnant, they have to say it in Spanish.

So I yelled at the TV a lot while I watched. I guess I was hoping it would be more girl power with intelligent, tough, awesome female detectives and less . . . Baywatch: the detectives. The movies have handled it a bit better, but if I'm remembering correctly, the second movie was a lot more "Hey, check out how sexy we are." No thanks.


Angela said...

I had the same experience with The Facts of Life. Not the inappropriate stuff, but just imagining it was so funny and entertaining and then being bored out of my mind when I watched it again as an adult.

Shannon said...

Charlie's Angels kind of reminds me of ..... ummm.... Bay Watch. I've never seen life guards that built or that pretty - lol!

I love I Love Lucy also. And I really don't like the inappropriate stuff in Hollywood today. I agree with you on that :)

Cristin said...

Have you ever used Hulu.com? I think you can watch Charlie's Angels for free on there, plus a whole bunch of other television shows. It worked with even our lousy internet... so maybe you wouldn't have to check so much out from the library.

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