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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Candy Corn Cookies

Princess Sparkley is a bit obsessed with Candy Corns. You may remember her costume from last Halloween:

So when Martha sent me an email with these pictured, I knew I'd be making them this October.


LisAway said...

No fair talking about candy corn!!! Yum. No such thing in Poland, of course. Those candy corn cookies and that candy corn girl all look so yummy!

Angela said...

I don't really like candy corn, but at Halloween time I always magically crave them. Same thing with the pumpkins made of the same stuff. P. Sparkley looks sooo cute as a little candy corn. I want to make a grown up one for me this year. Heck I even may end up sleeping in it.

Nance said...

I'm totally planning on wearing this costume this year. I tried it on last year, and it would have fit were it not for my large, pregnant belly.

I don't like candy corn so much either, but I eat it.

Shannon said...

very cute - do you have the recipe?

Nancy said...

shannon- the recipe is in a link in the sentence above the picture. just click on "these" and it'll take you to martha's page with these cookies.

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