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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Boy Craziness

I just finished the 9th book in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series and was laughing at how truly boy crazy Georgia and her friends were. I was thinking about Princess Sparkley and how I hope she's never one of those girls who is over the top boy crazy and trying to remember if I was.

I went through a boy crazy phase when I was a preteen. I always had huge, usually unattainable crushes, mostly on movie stars or rock stars. In high school my best friend Jenny and I were a bit boy crazy, but I think it was more having fun with being boy crazy girls, than actually being boy crazy girls. Do you see the difference? Is there a difference? So we had crushes, and top secret nicknames for all the boys we liked, (Jed's was cookie monster since he had blue hair and all) or didn't like. But even then, a lot of our crushes were on famous people... much safer than real boys. And even the real boys we proclaimed were our crushes, were way out of our league, boys who barely knew we were alive.

My sophomore year of college I think the boy craziness all died away. I was terrified of boys. I moved off campus, out of the dorms and the boys weren't 18 or 19 anymore, they were all 22 and 23. I'd already had two roommates, my own age, get married!! I was terrified of: 1) getting married, and 2) not finishing college. So I was trying to stay clear of boys. And for some reason, this is the period of my life, the only period of my life (other than Jed's pursuing of me) when it was most difficult to do. I had boys pursuing me. Two of them. I spent a ton of time in the library studying* at night to avoid being home when they would call or stop by. Once they stopped by at the same time. As I was talking to one, the other one knocked. It was crazy. I was never that girl. Never the girl with two dates in one night (the roommate I had like that was already married). Never the girl turning down dates because she already had one. I was the girl making up excuses to avoid the date in the first place, or hiding out in the library.

It was along this same time that I came home one night to find a strange note tacked to my apartment door. It was from my friend/roommate Tiffany, Wendy's older sister. I wish I remembered exactly what it said, knowing Tiffany, it was hilarious. It was warning me not to enter our apartment because our other roommates were trying to set me up on a date with yet another boy. You can believe I high tailed it out of there. That was 1998.

I often think that Jed really tricked me into marrying him. Not that I didn't want to marry him, just that I was still, three years later, terrified of getting married. I always say that he sneaked up on me and took my by surprise, which is hard to do when he'd been the boy chasing me the longest. He was the boy who knew me best. He was the boy I felt most comfortable around. He'd always been my best friend. So when we started being friends again, I started to get a bit nervous. Then we kissed and I realized that I had to make a decision fast because if I was going to date him, we were going to get married. With him all my fears of getting married went away and I stopped worrying. I'm pretty lucky he came back along.**

*This was not normal for me.

**So, this started as a post about boy crazy girls and turned all sappy. Sorry about that. :)


LisAway said...

I love this "sappy" post!! I think of the end of my dating days the same way. He saved me from more years of the dating game (although I did kinda like that game, I was sure glad when it was over)

Angela said...

LOL!!! I can totally picture Tiff's little handwriting and funny ways of phrasing things! I thought Kenric was pretty cute, but Jed is the best of course. I knew you would marry him all along:)

Erin said...

I would have never known that you were "boy crazy". So funny. I too hope that my girls won't go that direction. I would not know what to do. Yesterday Lydia asked me when I kissed Daddy and I couldn't believe I was having that discussion. She thinks kissing and romantic love is gross and I hope it stays that way for a while at least.

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