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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winter Jacket

image from Landsend

This Monday is [our family name] Day. It marks the three year anniversary of our arrival in Kansas. When we arrived it was hot and humid and the cicadas were all we could hear. This September is a bit different. This September has me shopping for Winter coats for the kids already.

Here's my problem. I grew up in southern California. The area I grew up in was once voted 7th best climate in the nation by some magazine or newspaper. I think I owned a Winter coat once, in the 5th grade. Otherwise I made do with sweatshirts and windbreakers, etc. So when we moved to Kansas three years ago, and it started getting cold, I had to buy Winter coats for my kids. And let me tell you, my quick, "Ahh... we need warm coats!" shopping trip resulted in awesome coats that lasted three winters. Three!! When we moved here, Buddy was 18 months old, so I bought him a 2T jacket from Old Navy. He wore it in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Last year it was a bit short in the sleeves, but he keeps assuring me that it'll work this winter too. He's now well into 5T... I don't think so.

Princess Sparkley's coat was harder to find, but I finally found one I liked for her at Sears. She was three when we moved here and wore that size 4 coat for the last three winters as well. That's what I want... an investment in clothing that lasts years and years and years. So while I'm shopping for coats right now (mostly online since the selection in stores this early has been pretty slim) I'm trying to figure out how big I can go, and how much it is worth to me. But I can't find anything. The closest I've come is the coat pictured at the top of this post from Landsend. I keep checking the website to see if there are any free shipping deals if I spend more than $100 (each coat is $59). And there haven't been any deals... until I checked my email last night and decided to clean out my junk email account and I had three emails about free shipping at Landsend.com. All expired because I'd ignored them all week. Argh. So I'm sitting around waiting for more deals, hoping that this cold weather is a fluke and we aren't in for an amazkingly cold winter.


Cristin said...

Funny you wrote this because I was shopping online this morning for winter coats. I think I'm going to hit up Ross next week or TJ Maxx and see if they have anything. I always try to buy coats at the end of the season, but I didn't last year! AGH!

Angela said...

I am shopping for my own winter coat. Apparently last year in Rexburg they went 3 weeks without the temperature getting past zero-even in the middle of the day! Yikes! My Arizona blood is too thin for this!

Erin said...

I did buy one for Ethan at the end of last season, but I am hoping Lydia will still fit her size 6x. Actually I have 3 size six coats in addition to the 6x. Do you want one?? I really don't need so many in the same size obviously.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Fifty-nine dollars each? Keep shopping.

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