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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wish all stores had this sign in the window.

(If I posted this picture before, sorry. I came across it in my photo albums and didn't think I'd posted it yet, even though I took it specifically to post on my blog.)


Cristin said...


Angela said...

I HATE those shoes! I think there will be a whole generation of kids who walk weird because of them.

Rae said...

My 7 year old LOVES her wheelies. She knows the stores where she can and can't wear them. She'll change her shoes to the wheelies when she knows we're going someplace that allows them. She's my gymnastic, dare devil child!

Rachel Clare said...

I'm SO WITH YOU. Amen. Every time Elias sees those, he wants them and every time he asks, I have to restrain myself from saying "*#@! NO!"

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