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Monday, September 08, 2008

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Our tooth saga is half over and only just begun. One of the offending teeth fell out today... at some point. We don't know when or where. I'm guessing she swallowed it. But the last time she remembers wiggling is was a church, hours and hours before she realized it was missing.

Princess Sparkley and her first missing tooth.
(Bottom, middle, right side)

Since there was no tooth to leave under her pillow, she wrote a note to explain.

The "tooth fairy" sneaking into her room.

This is the same wig Jed is wearing in one of the first
pictures I have of us together
... sort of together.

The tooth fairy.
He had to scavenge the house for money to leave under PS's pillow.


Jamie said...

Ha Ha. As soon as I get to the picture of Jed, I'm shaking my head. :) I remember seeing that wig every once in a while.

What if she woke up and saw him? Would her idea of the tooth fairy be ruined forever?

I love the note she wrote explaining everything. I want to know what happened to the tooth?! Maybe some lucky person at church will find it somewhere.

Erin said...

So do you have the same philosophy on the Tooth Fairy as you do for Santa? Or are those pics top secret from the kids? I think that about 6 of 7 times I have forgotten to put the money under the pillow because Lydia goes to bed so late. Then I have to sneak it in in the morning while she is looking all over for the money.

The note is so cute. What a treasure. One of Lydia's friends has swallowed several of her teeth. Seems so strange, but maybe it happens when they are eating.

Nance said...

Our Santa philosophy encompasses all "make-believe" creatures that the parents have to be. She's actually awake in these pictures, but we didn't actually put the money under her pillow until she was really asleep. "The tooth fairy" just wanted to make her giggle. Our kids know the truth, but they also know they have to play along if they want the money under their pillow, presents in their stocking, etc.

Rae said...

That is too funny!! Love the wig!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

RE: Princess Sparkley knowing the Tooth Fairy isn't real: Didn't she tell you last night about a half-hour after she was in bed, "You can give me my money now"? And she woke up this morning at about six and came downstairs to sit with me and told me, "You can sneak back in and give me my money now." How did you raise such greedy kids? I know it's not my fault, because you never let me have any money to be greedy with.

Cristin said...

I just hope she didn't wake up during the ordeal and wake up. She would be severely traumatized, don't you think? I know I am from seeing those pictures. :)

wendys said...

I hope she really didn't swallow it... it can't digest very well. I love the costume. I like the idea of being the tooth fairy while she's awake. We must have a similar philosophy about the make-believe creatures. Our kids know where their Christmas presents really come from!

Lisa said...

I had NO IDEA that that's what the tooth fairy looks like. Yes, very inconspicuous. AND we have the exact same philosophy about Santa and the tooth fairy. Greg thinks it's deceptive (it is, if not the evil kind) to lead kids to believe in something that doesn't exist. I remember how shocked I was when he told Evie when she was two that there's no such thing as Santa. We hadn't even discussed it! Now I agree, though. And we do do stockings etc.

So, Every single time my kids lose a tooth for the next three or four days they ask,"Is the 'tooth fairy' going to come TONIGHT?" because I always forget, but of course I can't just give them the money out of my wallet.

I have a question--How much do teeth go for these days?

Nance said...

My husband thinks along the same line as your husband. He doesn't want to lie to the kids. We still do Santa... but we're all just pretending.

Our tooth fairy left 4 quarters. I was going to leave a Sacajawea dollar or two, but it was a Sunday when she lost her tooth, and I wasn't prepared. We're lucky he had any money at all. It wouldn't be quite the same if the tooth fairy left a check or an "I owe you."

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