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Monday, September 22, 2008


We call him our troublemaker.

Seriously, I'm not new at being a mom. I've been doing this for over six years. This is my third time going through all of this. But sometimes, this one makes me feel like I'm brand new at it. I'm not sure if it's him or if it's the extra motherly worry I have for him because of his heart.

Baby X is by far my most active baby. He's all over the place, getting into trouble every time I look away for a second. Ahhhh! He won't even be 8 months old until Friday. He's still supposed to be my tiny baby.

Due to his heart condition, his regular pediatrician has told me that since I'm not new to this (or at least I'm not supposed to be) she trusts me to bring him in whenever something seems abnormal and is making me worry. So* last week I took him in because he is so busy crawling around playing he gets huffy, puffy and sweaty. I didn't remember my other kids ever being this way, so I had the doctor check him out to make sure his heart is working the way it is supposed to be working. He's fine. His doctor listened to it, they put this little monitor on his foot and toe to monitor the oxygen in his blood. His doctor just says he's very active and his body is doing what he's supposed to. He's not training for a race so when he gets tired, he won't keep pushing himself to go, he'll just stop and rest. She said if he was breathing hard at rest or asleep, or if his lips or anything turned blue, that's when we would worry. So*, I guess he's just giving his heart a good cardio workout.

So* I've turned into one of those paranoid moms that is taking her kid to the doctor everytime he sniffles. But this kid worries me. And the more active he gets, the more I worry.

*I read somewhere the other day that starting sentences with "so" is supposedly a Utah thing. I'm not from there, but I have lived there. And I have a friend from Utah who starts a lot of sentences/stories with "so." I think I just like going against the conventional way of writing (ie: English teachers always yelled at me for starting sentences with "and" and "but" and ending sentences with prepositions, so now I do it all the time).


Jamie said...

you are SO Utah.

Is that true? then I'm in trouble. I feel like I've been starting sentences with 'so' for forever, but it feels like I've lived here forever. Crud. Now i'm panicking and wondering what other Utah habits I've picked up. Not to offend the wonderful people from utah, but, you know.

Your little guy sure is cute. I like the slobber (i'm guessing it's slobber) down the front of his shirt. I think i would probably worry about the sweating and huffing and puffing too. Liam has a heart murmur that won't go away and he has always coughed as though he has croup since he was born to this day and I wonder if it's heart related, or a couple of times his lips have looked blue to me, but no one (including the doctor) seems to care. I check on him all the time to make sure he's still breathing.

Do you have to take him in more often or just like regular checkups. We have to take Liam to Primary children's once a year to get all checked out.

Nance said...

Yes... that's slobber. And no, he's not getting teeth. He's been drooling and chewing on stuff for 4 months and every stranger I see comments that he must be getting teeth.

We have to take Baby X to Children's Mercy in KC ... well, it changes. Right now it's about every 6-8 weeks. Each time he goes he's doing really well so they add a few weeks on. At first it was every 3 weeks. Then that went to 4-6. Etc.

Jed had croup really bad as a toddler(had a tracheotomy and was hospitalized), and gets really bad winter flemmy colds in cold weather(mission in Wisconsin, living in Kansas in the winter, etc).

Shannon said...

That would be troubling, especially with his heart. But at least you feel better about it - better to be safe than sorry kind of a thing.

I think the comment you made at the end about the "so" is really funny. I find I start a lot of my sentences with the word "so." I'm not from Utah either, but lived there for a couple of years.

Too funny!

wendys said...

Wow, I'm glad that my kid not the only one who soaks through the shirt with slobber. I love his smile, he looks so happy!

Erin said...

At the exact same time as I was reading your post I got an email forward called "You might be a Utahan if..." that had examples about jello and ice cream and funny pronunciation, but nothing about the word "so". I don't think it is a Utah thing. It seems fairly common to me.

That is funny about him giving himself such a workout. I once brought Lizzy in when she had a cold and her fingers and toes kept turning blue. But her oxygen level was fine and I felt kind of dumb. But it is always better to be safe that sorry.

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