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Monday, September 08, 2008

Take Note

I'd just like to take a moment to take note of this near miraculous event. It is 8:36 PM and I believe all of my kids are asleep. Hoorah for Daddy waking them at 7 each morning. And Hoorah for the threat of a Midwest summer thunderstorm's loudness. Hopefully blogging about this doesn't jinx me and they aren't just being freakishly quiet. Although freakishly quiet wouldn't be all bad because that usually means sleep is near.

1 comment:

wendys said...

Good job! We are still working with our kids about the whole sleeping thing. Ian was up at 4 am this morning! And no nap and still fighting about going to bed. When do kids learn that sleep is the wonderful wonderful place where we can be vikings? (Ralph Wiggum)

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