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Thursday, September 04, 2008


I few years ago I read an okay novel called The Song Reader by Lisa Tucker about this girl who basically acts as a therapist, but she does it based on the songs and lyrics that are currently in your life. She called it song reading. Interesting concept.

As unmusical a person as I am, I do feel like there is always some sort of song, or maybe a soundtrack that is the background of my life during certain years or periods of time.

This is what I've been thinking of recently... how interesting it is to me that I'll be singing a song in my head or aloud (if no one is around to listen), so maybe I'm at the grocery store, or maybe I'm at home and then I get into my car and the cd picks back up where it left off and my mental song, and the song on the cd are at the EXACT SAME SPOT. It's crazy. Without me even realizing I'm singing the same song I was listening to in the car earlier in the day, I'm singing it and am at the exact spot where I stopped listening to it to exit the car. It's crazy. And it happens to me ALL the time. Does this happen to anyone else?


Hatch Building Co. said...

Totally!! Yesterday I had a song playing in my head - and I wanted to hear it on the radio. 3 times that I got in my car, the song was playing as soon as I turned on the radio. It was so weird - but cool.

I was thinking that it was the "power of positive thinking" concept in action - or something like that.


We tried out the surprise cookies that you posted about - they were great!! I thought it would be fun to somehow turn them into a smores type cookie.

Angela said...

No, but I still look at the clock at 10:33 almost everyday...

Nance said...

Ang- Me too!!!

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