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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slow Reading

My husband always complains because we'll be laying next to each other in bed reading and he'll take note of what page I'm on, and then when I stop he'll notice how much I've read and compare it to how much he's read. He complains that he's a slow reader. This is not the case. He just reads slow books (ie: nonfiction, political or historical books). I tend to read fiction. And young adult novels. I rarely read nonfiction. This is the stack of library books I just picked up from the library. Four are nonfiction (Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons, Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood, Writing Down the Bones, and Eat, Pray, Love) some of which I'll look through more than read. Two I've actually checked out before and had to return(The Glass Castle and The Sex Lives of Cannibals) because I wasn't getting to them quick enough (I put books on hold at the library and without fail, they are all ready for me to pick up at the exact same time). And one is a young adult novel (Stop in the Name of Pants) (hopefully the last in the series) that I can power through in a few hours. I'm a little bit more than halfway through Eat, Pray, Love which I've been reading for what seems like forever. It's a good book, just not a quick read. I've read a book or two in a day or two before, but this one has taken weeks. But I'll finish it and move on... eventually.

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Rae said...

I too like fiction the best but have tried to branch out more in the past years. I have Eat, Pray Love on my book shelf but haven't opened it yet. I just read The Glass Castle. QUICK read...you can't wait to find out what happens next while you are in a state of shock about what you're reading!

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