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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

pre Halloween

My husband is giving me a hard time because I'm already trying to plan out my kids' Halloween costumes. It's not like Halloween is my favorite holiday, I just really like dressing the kids up in cute, fun costumes. And I have a new kid to dress up this year, and no other costumes that will fit him. Hooray! So what should Baby X be for Halloween? I fell in love with some of these:

image from babystyle.com

*past Halloweens:
2002: Princess Sparkley was a sweet pea
2003: PS was a peacock/peahen
2004: PS was Cinderella, Buddy was a fish (if it fits, this may be Baby X's costume)
2005: PS was a ladybug, Buddy was a dinosaur
2006: PS was a butterfly, Buddy was a Boston Red Sox player
2007: PS was a candy corn, Buddy was a UPS man
2008: PS is going to wear my nieces bumble bee costume, Buddy wants to be a DHL man
(I'm trying to talk him into being a stoplight)


Erin said...

the UPS costume was one of my all time favorites. that is so funny that he wants DHL this year.

Angela said...

I like the snail, my all time fav. was the peacock, PS was SO pretty in all that blue!

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