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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


image from llbean.com

My husband would love this outfit (Jed, do you want to confirm this?). He's all about collared shirts and cardigans. Unfortunately I never feel like spilling out the $251.45 (for this specific outfit) that it would cost to buy an outfit. So I just pull together what I have. But I'm not really all that great at assembling outfits. I guess what I'm saying is that if I ever had a million dollars, I'd buy outfits like this one. This is why I want to go on What Not To Wear.


Rae said...

Very cute. Target has oodles of buttoned shirts and some cardigans right now. I like getting inspiration elsewhere and then shopping at Target to put it all together! I would be afraid to go on What Not to Wear!!

Angela said...

Just start dressing really ugly and then I will nominate you...I've already planned what I would do on What Not Wear. I would make them send me to Anthropologie, a magical store that has created the cutest clothes on earth and then charges so much that no normal person can afford them. Its maddening I tell you!

Cristin said...

Erik always liked the way I dressed for work - which was like this outfit. I thought it looked very librarian-ish, maybe our husbands just like librarians.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Confirmation. That's the hottest picture I've ever seen on the Internet. I will purchase said outfit online and have it shipped home (same-day shipping, or else I'll go pick it up this afternoon) today.

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