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Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma Lund

My dad, my Grandma Lund and me.
(approx. 1983 at my aunt's home in Simi Valley, CA)

My Grandma Lund (dad's mom) was born in 1915 and would have been 93 yesterday. She lived until I was in college though her husband died before I was born. She is the grandparent that I remember best. Here are some of my favorite memories:
  • She was always the one to come and watch us when my parents went on a trip and she always took us out to eat.
  • When driving near our home (in a more rural area), if she spotted an aluminum can on the side of the road she'd pull over and make us jump out to get it.
  • She'd drive us around in her big, bright blue car with plastic cup holders that attached to her roll down windows.
  • She ate at Carl's Jr. for almost every meal.
  • She knew the people at her Carl's Jr., introduced us to them when we visited, and left them tips.
  • She drove past the closest Carl's Jr. to her home to a different one that she liked better.
  • She collected souvenir spoons.
  • She always gave us the crispest dollar bills.
  • She'd bring my dad peanut M&Ms and me plain M&Ms (this was before my true love, Peanut Butter M&Ms were invented).
  • She'd bring us Fiddle Faddle and Zonkers.
  • She introduced me to Charlie's Angels, Murder, She Wrote, Hunter, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.
  • Her best friend was a woman named Pat and they would giggle and giggle anytime they got together.
  • She giggled and giggled with her sisters as well.
  • She never wore pants until my Grandpa died.
  • She learned how to drive a car while my dad and the other neighborhood children sat on the curb and cheered each time she came around the block.
  • Her eyebrows were penciled on.
  • She had funny sayings (ie: You have more____ than Carter's has pills. It always had to be explained to me later that Carter's used to be a drugstore.)
  • She ate cantaloupe and cottage cheese for dinner all summer (when she wasn't having Carl's Jr.)
  • She had really bad arthritis in her hands.
  • She loved Pepsi.
  • As soon as the grandkids could drink from a cup, she was giving us little Dixie cups filled with Pepsi.
  • Her dad is the only of my great grandparents I ever met (he's in the family picture at my baby blessing).
  • She was always doing crossword puzzles.
  • She had Alzheimer's and towards the end asked the same questions over and over again. (ie: What ER stood for (the tv show), how my missionary in Wisconsin was (Jed, who was at the time, no longer "my missionary," how could people build their houses way up on hills, weren't they scared of them sliding down? Etc.)


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

You left out the best Grandma Lund story of all: after watching "The Aristocats," she said, "It's amazing they could get those cats to sing like that!" Or something to that effect.

Nance said...

Dance. She couldn't believe that they got all those cats to dance so well. I was trying not to be mean. While that is hilarious, and one of my favorite stories, she did after all have Alzheimer's.

Erin said...

I am just laughing about those dancing cats. I loved reading the posts about your grandparents. My grandpa was very regular with his dining habits, though more varied than your Grandma. Fisherman's Broilers on Thursday, Golden Nugget on Friday, etc. cause you know we eat at buffets in Vegas. I remember they all knew him too and he would introduce us to everybody. Is that a generational thing? Or would I be good friends with the people at Wendy's if I went there every week?

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